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Premier Solutions

We provide merchants with intelligent, user-friendly retail solutions that bring the very latest in Tax Free Technology and offer the best fit for a company, whatever size or location.


• Premier Automatic:

A fully automated Tax Free solution. Premier Automatic will recognise the origin of the credit card and subsequently whether a shopper is eligible for Tax Free and DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion). It is the fastest and most intelligent way to offer and print Tax Free forms as a standalone POS solution.


• Premier Integrated:

Incorporated into the Merchants EPOS till system, Premier Integrated is advanced Tax Free technology that allows instant Tax Free form printing at the touch of a button.


• Premier Online:

A stand-alone browser based Tax Free application that retailers can access directly on their EPOS till.


• Premier Connect:

Combining card payment (including Union Pay), DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion), Tax Free shopping and Gift card on one single terminal, which is connected to the Till / EPOS system.


• Premier Kiosk:

A quick and simple in-store, interactive self-service solution that allows Shoppers to generate their own Tax Free forms from store issued receipts.


• Premier Mobile:    Coming soon!

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