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Fintrax Payment Systems

Pay less with ¥€$

Trading under the ¥€$ brand, Fintrax Payment Systems is the international payments company within the Fintrax Group. Our expertise lies in providing banking and retail institutions multi-currency payments and processing solutions. This includes multi-currency cheque issuing, our patented Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) system and POS software development.

Please consult our DCC section for a complete overview of our leading DCC solutions, for a comprehensive overview detailing the benefits to cardholders, merchants and acquirers and more.


Multi Currency Cheques

The efficient issuing of payments by cheque is an ongoing requirement of many companies that have international suppliers and clients.

Fintrax provides a secure and low cost payments solution by issuing cheques in many of the major currencies.

If you have such a requirement, please do not hesitate to contact our payments office for further details. 












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