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Government Partners

Our Government Relationships

Fintrax works in close cooperation with local governments to secure a fully authorised and certified Tax Refund service for retailers. Fintrax's tax free sector, Premier Tax Free service, incorporates local legislation requirements when introducing a VAT refund service in each new country.


Premier Tax Free has been chosen by public tender to be the tax refund operator for the government of Jordan since 2003, taking full responsibility for the introduction of a Tourist Tax Refund programme. This partnership added to Jordan's success as a growing tourist destination.


In July 2010, the Argentinean Government granted Premier Tax Free the authorisation to provide our Tax Free services to merchants. In a deal that will last until 2014, Premier Tax Free is one of only two companies authorised to provide this service by abiding by the laws of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP)


After winning a public tender, Premier Tax Free was the first tax free company to be given governmental authorization to provide the Tax Free Service in Uruguay. Operations began in 2009 when the Tax Administration (DGI) awarded a 4 year contract to Premier. Today, we remain the only tax free service provider within Uruguay, and are already working with the Government in the hopes of renewing the contract from 2013 – 2017.


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