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Company History

Corporate Timeline

1985 - Creation of Premier Tax Free (then known as Cashback Ltd).  Facilitating VAT refund to International visitors to Ireland

1990 - Building on the success in Ireland, Premier Tax Free is launched in France, quickly growng to service over 14,000 retailers in France

1993 - Premier Tax Free is launched in the UK, chosen to be the exclusive VAT refund operator at both Heathrow and Gatwick airports

1995 - Premier Tax Free expands into Italy, Switzerland and Spain

1999 - European operations expand into Austria, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Poland

1999 - The pioneering multicurrency payment service, DCC, is engineered and patented by Fintrax R&D

2000 - Premier Tax Free wins the VAT refund concession in Australia

2000 - Premier Tax Free is awarded a concession at Toronto Airport, Canada

2001 - Establishment of Premier Tax Free in Canada.  DCC is launched in the UK

2003 - Creation of Premier Tax Free entities in Czech Republic and Jordan

2004 - Launch of Premier Tax Free operations in Singapore

2005 - The Premier Tax Free solution is introduced in New Zealand. DCC is launched in Denmark, Germany and Portugal

2006 - Premier Tax Free Mexico is established

2008 - New branches of Premier Tax Free are opened in Hungary, Morocco and Sweden

2009 - Premier Tax Free Uruguay is launched

2010 - Creation of Premier Tax Free Greece

2010 - Premier Tax Free Argentina opens for business

2011 - Fintrax Group processes almost 3 million tax free transactions

2012 - Following further successes and expansions into Uruguay, Greece and Argentina, Fintrax Group was acquired by private equity firm Exponent.

2013 - Fintrax Group merged with Tax Free Worldwide. The joint entity provides services to over 150,000 merchants worldwide.

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