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DCC For Acquirers


Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is an innovative service that Acquirers can offer their Merchants for accepting Multi Currency Credit Card Payments (Visa and MasterCard). DCC allows cardholders the choice to pay for goods and services in their billing currency or in the Merchants' local currency, while Merchants continue to be settled in their local currency.

Fintrax offers Acquirers a full range of DCC solutions to help them implement this service in their markets.

We at Fintrax offer our acquirers the following services :

  • POS Payments terminals and applications (EMV) that are able to process a DCC transaction
  • Card not Present and ATM Transactions
  • State-of-the-art service platforms to authorise and process the transactions onwards to the Card schemes for Settlement.
  • Treasury management and Foreign Exchange rate guarantees.
  • DCC and Credit Card consultancy services

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DCC Benefits for Acquirers

Become an Acquirer today and avail of the following benefits.

  • Offers an immediate commercial advantage that helps you to consolidate your existing business as well as winning new market share both at home and abroad
  • Opportunity to expand merchant portfolio
  • New source of value-added revenue stream
  • Working with Fintrax allows Acquirers to benefit from a innovative service while eliminating the huge development costs and risks
  • Time to Market is speedy, a partnership with Fintrax means working with an experienced partner that is able to introduce the service within a short time frame
  • The Fintrax DCC YES service also provides detailed statistics your your Merchants

Treasury Management

DCC requires that foreign exchange rates are downloaded on a daily basis to payments terminals and Applications. These rates need to be "guaranteed" until Visa and MasterCard settle the Acquirer. Fintrax manages and supplies these guaranteed exchange rates for, and on behalf of, Acquirers. A margin is added to these rates in agreement with the Acquirer.

Visa and MasterCard "settle" the Acquirer either in foreign currencies corresponding to the multi-currency transactions processed or in a single currency designated by the acquirer. The Acquirer can either open a number of different currency accounts to receive the funds from Card Scheme or use one account.

Fintrax can advise, set-up and manage these "Currency Settlement" bank accounts for Acquirers.

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