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The Fintrax ¥€$ DCC System is a revolutionary point of sale payment system, developed for the international credit card market.

Merchants equipped with the ¥€$ DCC payments system can offer foreign cardholders (Mastercard and Visa) the choice to pay for their goods and services in their own currency at the point of sale, whilst retailers continue to be settled for purchases in their local currency.

When the card is introduced into the payments terminal at the point of sale, the Fintrax DCC software instantly recognises the foreign card and determines the corresponding currency. The cardholder chooses the currency they wish to pay in. The transaction proceeds effortlessly and the customer receives a full receipt showing the value of their purchase in their home currency, the merchant's currency amount and the exchange rate applied.

The Fintrax DCC system is a tested and approved credit card payment system, currently in operation in 16 countries and available on a wide choice of payment terminal brands. We currently offer DCC conversion in twenty-eight currencies. The ¥€$ DCC system operates within the policies and regulations set by VISA and MasterCard.

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