Innovation is the core of our success

Our Research and Development team continually creates greater value for our clients and partners by providing industry-leading technology, which improves the transaction experience for the Merchant and the Shopper; Shoppers receive a proactive, positive service and Merchants can enjoy quicker processes in store and increased international sales opportunities.

We’re proud to be the industry pioneers of DCC, intelligent eligibility detection for card payments,and integrated EPOS Tax Free software. We're also the first in our industry to win awards for our Tax Free and payment solutions.

Over the years, we have revolutionised the Tax Free and payment industry through our innovations and we continue to shape the future of Tax Free shopping; our latest solution, Premier Kiosk, is the first-ever self-serve Tax Free solution.

We have created an in-house environment and culture which fosters creativity, and our output is elevated through our long-standing relationships with our financial and technical partners. Our ongoing international development is driven by our ability to provide customised and bespoke solutions to clients and partners.